Pathologies of buildings Malaga and Huelva

Pathologies of buildings

Pathologies of buildings Malaga and Huelva | Geosand

Geosand is an engineering company that has specialists in diagnosing pathologies in buildings. The objective of this service is to help you avoid serious incidents and problems caused by the vulnerability of the structure.

 Pathologies of buildings can be classified starting from the causes that produce them, however, they can be very diverse:

 - Defects: are caused by bad design, an imperfect construction or use of deficient materials. The defects are intrinsic to the structure and easily preventable, controllable corrected by specialized professionals.

 - Damage: are caused by external forces such as the misuse of the structure (chemicals, overload, etc.) or natural causes (landslides, fire, earthquakes, etc.). In many cases, the consequences of the damage can be prevented or minimized.

 - Impairment: the passage of time and the constant exposure to inclement weather are the most common causes of damage to a structure. Thereof impairment is a consequence of temperature changes, the chemicals in the water, the effect of air, etc.

 Appropriate preventive measures and early diagnosis of pathologies of buildings can be crucial to ensure the security of the building and extend its life avoiding structural problems.

 Contact us if looking for a specialist in diagnosing pathologies of buildings and geotechnical studies in Malaga, Huelva, Seville, Cordoba, Jaen, Cadiz, Granada and Almeria company.


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