Accredited testing Malaga and Huelva

Accredited tests

Accredited testing Malaga and Huelva | Geosand

Our engineering company has experts in carrying out accredited tests and geotechnical surveys. The correct planning of the geotechnical studies involves performing trials may be accredited laboratory or field, depending on the particular circumstances of the project in question.

The in situ and laboratory analysis tests allow you to perform adequate recognition tasks when information or subsurface samples. Thanks to accredited testing and geotechnical surveys are specialists access to key information to study the terrain: layered samples, specifications of different strata permeability formations crossed, crossed nature of aquifers and groundwater level, etc.

Professionals choose what kind of tests should be performed depending on the project and the land that will be analyzed. In Geosand we have a high level of experience in carrying out accredited tests of various kinds: mechanical or manual surveys as may be pits and geotechnical surveys, laboratory testing, in situ testing, geophysical methods, penetration testing, etc.

According to Decree 67/2011, registered laboratories are the only ones authorized to perform geotechnical testing. If you require the services of an engineering company, make sure it has the appropriate accreditation always preform hiring an essay or geotechnical study. In Geosand we suggest all customers to check that the company chosen is registered and authorized to provide such services in the Testing Laboratory Registration Quality Control of Construction.

Contact us if you are looking for a specialist to perform accredited tests, geotechnical surveys and geotechnical studies in Malaga, Seville, Cordoba, Huelva, Cadiz, Almeria, Jaen and Granada company.


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