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Expert reports

Malaga and Huelva expert reports | Geosand

Geosand has specialized professionals to carry out valuations whose purpose is to account for the constructive deficiencies in a structure and generate greater or lesser extent, problems regarding the habitability of it.

In these types of cases it proceeds notifying the promoter such deficiencies to be the one who manages the cure. If the notification is not attended, the next step is the claim of cure providing an expert report on construction deficiencies prepared by a qualified professional.

In Geosand we inform you in detail about the solutions that will best suit your needs if you require an expert's report. When it comes to present certified documents, can be key to have it at the right time, that is when you start to use the house as usual. Otherwise, the other side could maintain that deficiencies are due to improper use of housing.

The problems related to the expert reports can affect private homes or Owners community, in both cases we proceed in the same way, varying only the applicant.

The relevance of the expert report is that the information provided realizes the facts in question through analysis expert.

Contact us if you are looking for a service of expert reports on construction deficiencies. In Geosand we will be happy to assist you.


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