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Geosand is an engineering company which stands out for its versatility. Our team is made up of great specialized professionals in different areas: engineering, geotechnics, environment, geology, topography, geophysical, legalization of wells, etc. Our range of services aims to provide full coverage of the needs that may arise in any project. If you seek security, count on the advice of a team of experts.


Photogrammetry, measurements, etc.

With these services we can provide solutions to all kinds of geometric problems through solutions marked by precision and accuracy. The topography is an ally in any construction project, environmental or industrial long as the difficulty and millimeter go together.


Tomography, georadar, cross hole, SEV, etc.

Employing experts in geophysics recognition techniques based on physical and mathematical science that can acquire highly relevant information using indirect methods.

Reports and hydrogeological studies

Gauging and wells.

This type of study allows search and locate underground water. This makes it possible to define their hydric balances, optimize water management, prevent pollution or overexploitation of aquifers and increase the use of water resources.

Thematic cartography

Studies of this kind are based on the spatial representation for the analysis of specific aspects: soil, climate, environmental impact, etc.

Both staff and laboratory Geosand have the qualifications required to provide each of the services forming our catalog. Whatever your project, have an expert team. Geosand offers the most innovative resources and better results.

In Geosand we will be happy to assist if you need any of our services or looking great specialists in geotechnical studies in Malaga, Cordoba, Jaen, Sevilla, Almeria, Huelva, Granada and Cadiz.



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