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Geosand has great experts in developing environmental impact studies. According to Law 21/2013, of December 9, which defines the environmental impact assessment, environmental impact considering the (negative or positive) effects of (public or private) projects concerning different aspects of the environment.

Some of the environmental services we offer: environmental impact studies, environmental sustainability reports, environmental qualification, Integrated Environmental Authorization, environmental integration projects, studies in reception capacity, landscape planning studies, environmental risk studies, environmental supervision of work, projects and compensatory measures, hydrologic-hydraulic studies, environmental consulting in the development of planning figures (Plan, POT, Special Plans, projects performance, etc.), protection plans wildfire ...

Our team will perform an exhaustive review of the pre-operational status of different environmental factors: flora, fauna, geology, hydrology, landscape, planning and archeology. In Geosand we advise you to guarantee that your project proceeds as best as possible. The environmental impact studies are very useful to avoid problems that may impair your project at a time that minimize impacts on the environment. 

  • Realization of environmental impact studies.
  • Integrated Environmental Authorizations.
  • Environmental Sustainability Reports.
  • Environmental rating.
  • Environmental viability studies of projects.
  • Environmental integration projects.
  • Environmental consulting in the development of planning figures (Plan, POT, Special Plans, projects performance, etc.).
  • Studies in reception capacity.
  • Studies of environmental risks.
  • Landscaping studies.
  • Hydrologic-hydraulic studies.
  • Environmental Monitoring.
  • Projects corrective and compensatory actions.
  • Plans of autoprotection of forest fires.

Count on Geosand if you need any of our environmental services. We specialize in reporting and environmental impact studies.


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